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To the strategic leader who needs to find impactful ways to show GRATITUDE to those who contribute to their daily success, Joy In The Breakroom is an innovative resource. We design memorable events and unique custom gifts, incorporating "creative branding" with intentional touches, always ensuring a meaningful experience under a smart budget. We proudly partner with the best local vendors to bring any ideas to life because it's "together" how we can transform ordinary moments into JOY inside the office walls... and  far beyond!

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2021 joy gift collection!

We had  proudly introduced our 2021 Gift Collection adding "Personal" to our corporate designs. Our custom boxes are now shipped all over USA.

We specialize in practical ideas or floral & fruit arrangements with that "extra thoughtful touch". Contact us with the story behind the need of a gift and we will come up with a magical and unique approach under a smart budget! ($25 to $150  + tax + shipping)

Closing gifts, sympathy, get-well soon, birthdays, retirement , anniversaries and all kind of occasions or holidays!

2021 Christmas 

Corporate & Personal Gifts Catalog:

Check out below previous holidays:

Christmas 2021 to be revealed on Nov 19th

So happy to be FULLY back

 designing and catering all kind of events at the office for your employees, clients or business​ partners! Contact us ASAP (214)843-8268 to plan your holiday gathering or implement a "Team Appreciation Plan"

We had been SO BLESSED & BUSY pivoting and designing new lines of business. 

We invite you to visit our Facebook Business Page for most recent updates!

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The last 18 months had been TOUGH! The hospitality industry and our blooming business were hit incredibly hard by the pandemic. However, the most devastating punch was to loose my own beloved brother to COVID last March 2021. 

To say we can go back "to normal" and the world we knew before the last 18 months is impossible for me and so many in our world, however, I humbly say I am beyond THANKFUL we keep moving forward and recovering one day at time. Hopefully we are stronger, wiser, genuine and more compassionate after all what we had gone through!

God's LOVE is REAL & the true meaning of community has become more valuable than never before. We are so proud of our vendors and every single person who keeps FIGNTHING THE GOOD FIGHT. Together we are closer to the other side of all of it. 

        We can not wait to get to serve you!

We not only survived, we pivoted, we succeeded 

Joy In The Breakroom continues to deliver GRATITUDE, spread JOY & share HOPE 

to the workplace ... and beyond!

kindly, Lilian Chavira, Founder  & Designer


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Creative branding, full-service specialty catering, personalized gift baskets, corporate event planning, salad/snack bars, and unique birthday or holiday celebrations for your employees, clients or associates!

"Our goal is to bring teams together, and to transform ordinary moments into joy,"'


'Tis the season of joy and wonder, no doubt, but for one local executive, joy rings true throughout the year in her line of business.

"Any celebration is a reason to bring joy in the workplace," says Lilian, who caters events, decorates spaces and designs custom gift baskets.

By highlighting companies' logos, core values and brands, Lilian says she helps make employees, clients and associates through the DFW region feel extra special. 

Lilian often works her magic through creative branding and décor at full-service events or custom gifts.

"We create a customized Appreciation Plan that helps your company’s brand and core values come to life. Why settle for the mediocre when it comes to your work culture and brand? We can be a resource for those leaders to customize creative ideas for their teams."


Article written by Artist Robin Pedrero: An award-winning artist with work in museum permanent collections in Florida and Greece.  Pedrero's artwork is published and in film. Her work has been collected around the world in several countries Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Bahrain, Japan, Scotland, Norway, Greece, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and across the USA. Pedrero creates from her studio in Frisco Texas.

It was such a JOY to be approached by Voyage Dallas Magazine as they were writing stories about "hiding gems in the Dallas Forth-worth area"

What a privilege to share our story and the mission of our precious business!

​A story behind every single design:

Much MORE than gift baskets!

Much MORE than catering!

Your clients and associates are key elements on your success!

Your employees are brand ambassadors for your organization.

` Find ordinary opportunities to cultivate a positive mission-driven culture

~ Surprise your staff with unique personalized gift baskets

~ Promote healthy habits with fresh fruit deliveries

~ Build teams up around decadent treats

~Mail magical gifts all over the country

~ Creatively highlight your Corporate Values

~Bring excellence with your company's name 

Our Mission

We are passionately taking "gratitude" to a new level in the corporate world. We partner with Business Owners, Directors, HR departments & Visionary Leaders by transforming their Company's "Breakroom" into a dynamic space to bring teams together and improve engagement at work. Together we find occasions to communicate a positive message, craft and enjoyable atmosphere and cultivate a mission-driven culture. We unexpectedly bring beauty, art, gratitude and honor inside the office walls. Our ultimate goal is to transform ordinary moments into JOY!

Lilian Chavira, Founder & Designer

Thankful for all year around wonderful opportunities for some leaders and teams to show honor and have some fun together. Picnics, pool parties and ice cream bars in office breakrooms or in conference tables were popular this Summer. And football season and the holidays are coming next!


Is your company sponsoring any event? Do you have any special occasion to celebrate? Make your breakfasts, ribbon-cutting or corporate meetings to stand out! We can plan with you the perfect design to highlight your brand and make your guests feel super special! Let's transform ordinary moments into JOY!

(Special packages for Frisco Chamber Members (Get On Track) Between $4.00 & $20.00 per person depending menu and details included)

Sponsoring a networking event?

We passionately believe in the purpose of our company. In the magical experience of transforming a boring birthday cake into a room filled with laughter and a fun memory that will encourage your employees to keep coming back each month only to celebrate!

Very unique plans for the upcoming months, together we can bring honor, gratitude, beauty and "the sunshine" inside the office walls!

"Because if we are too busy to laugh, then we are TOO BUSY"

Starting at $10.00 per person

Celebrate your Staff Birthdays and Work Anniversaries in a unique way!

Contact us to find out the different themes and designs that we have ready each month to celebrate your staff and honor your clients or associates!

Serving THE BEST of the best in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas.

Our gift designs now are shipped all over the country!

JOY=[Your talents * purpose + passion]

"We are so caught up in our destination that we forget to enjoy the journey, appreciation is a wonderful thing"

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